ザ・トリート・ドレッシングのカタログ” TREAT MAGAZINE2020” -OUR STORY-

For the couple having their wedding ceremony

On the morning of your special day, the time you two spend together, just the two of you, feeling anticipation and a little nervousness
Surrounded by blessings and well wishes, stepping forward together, a new chapter, as one.
It is for you, the couple of this romantic love story
That we create this book

On the day of your wedding, we wish that you both
Spend your day surrounded by love
With your dear partner, family,and guests
For this experience, we select items that you will also love with all your heart

The thought of Love, of 'Loving'
That is the foundation of this book

Loving the dear one next to you
Loving yourself exactly as you are
Loving the beauty of the four seasons of nature
And what we love with all our hearts

“Create a style you love”
We believe that style is treasuring your individuality

No matter how many years pass, it does not fade
You love with all your heart, the style is just for the two of you
We create the inspiration for finding it

TREAT MAGAZINE2020(トリートマガジン2020)